Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I DON'T Know How You Feel

There are many great cities. I have been to LA, Denver and Washington DC. However the city I live so close to and may be smaller than the other cities, but definly a tourist attraction with it's great history. Chicago.
I had never been there and who I ended up going with is nine other ladies that had grandkids or were just married. It's was my grandma's birthday and to celebrate she invited some friends and family for a relaxing weekend with the girls. My sister and mom was there with me along with two aunts, two of my grandmas best friends, who were sisters and one of each of the sister's daughters, and of course the birthday girl, Grandma Nan. Grandma's daughter Alicia planned the whole thing. She arranged tickets for a small ten seated plane that was only fitted for us. It felt like we were in a private jet. It was very cool and my first in a plane that luxeriess and small. The flight was about an hour and a half. When we landed it took us thirty minutes for the pilots two find a place to park. They were first timers and we could tell by the amount of turbulence and the other pilot directing him on how to land. It was very scary but quite amussing. When we finally arrived at our hotel we were all exhausted. For the flight we had to get up early just to drive to the airport which took two hours from where we live. We were also very hungry and my hearing was clogged from the plane ride and it took about the whole day for it to go away. However we were in Chicago and had a whole great plan ahead of us. Nice resteraunts, St Patrick Parade, or just walking around this great city. We explored the area and then went to the restraunt later that night. It was amazing food!  I got to know the two of my grandma's friend and both were a riot. They were super nice but would always know how to party. Being apart of a group that was quite older than me was really fun. I got to see ladies in their thirties and fifties drinking fire ball! So never underestimate people and their ability to party no matter how old they are. When we were walking back from the restraurant we had a lot of leftovers. Chicago has one of the highest homeless populations in the US. If I lived in Chicago I would probaly run out of money. I'm that person right now that feels really bad for people that may have a lot less than me. So I gave some shrimp scampi to a guy on a curb. It was some really fancy food. I wanted to do at least one random act of kindness while I was here. It was a reflex I had when I saw him. What was a random act of kindness you have shown, and if you haven't there are so many simple things you can do to make someone elses day.

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
             -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Under the Stars

We have been to several states but I do have a personal favorite. Colorado. This state is where I want to live when I grow up. Denver Colorado a artistic city with crazy, beautiful views of the mountains. That's where we were headed we didn't stay long in Denver. Our main focus was where we were staying. As we approached the road that winded up a mountain top we were nothing but excited. We have camped in the mountains before but not in Colorado. There were twist and turns and a far way down. It took about an hour but finally we made it. Our campsite was a large plan area with trees and plains in the backround and a long curvy river that past through. Then above us was the peak of the mountain that hovered us like a god. It was magnifecent. Everything about this campsite was amazing. We set up our tents and explored the area. We discovered that this was one of the most peaceful places we had ever been to. It was truly a wonderful place. and I had never wanted to leave. We went to the river and collected some rocks and looked to see what we would find. My brother and sister loved this place as well. We didn't ever need technology for entertainment. We were free from all that here. After our day of heaven it was getting dark and time for sleep because we were going to have to wake up early. It was getting cold. but not the miserable knid of cold. Fresh air that you wished it could be where you lived. The air was a little thin compared to Iowa. It made my sleep ten times better even if I was sleeping in a tent. It was about twelve o'clock and I woke up from the cold and having to need to go to the  restroom. I grabbed the falshlight and headed in the direction where the restrooms were. Everyone else was asleep. After getting back I relized what was above me and it was truly amzing. I was pich black, no clouds, but stars millions of stars that were so easy to be seen I had never seen so many stars in my life. They were all so close together and in that moment nothing could ever go wrong. I stood there for about twenty minutes just thinking and looking at the amazing balls of light that shined before me. I didn't want to loose that moment. Where I was alone, in my world, under the stars. What special place makes you feel free and alive?
 "It's not the stars the hold 
                                                               our destiny, but ourselves."
- William Shakespeare

Monday, February 1, 2016


      I look around this beautiful city that isn't even my home. So artistic and full of life. This is where I want to live, to never leave. Denver, Colorado. We went their for the weekend. Another family road trip. I had been to Colorado before. Our focus then was a football game Oregon Ducks vs Colorado Buffolos. This time it's the same way. My dad is doing an article for the a website on the Ducks. The difference though is that we get to go to a concert and my sister isn't here this time. She didn't want to miss school. Unlike her I would never miss a good roadtrip.
                Our first stop was Nebraska. Every time we go through this state I fall asleep. There is not much to look at. Just miles and miles of cornfields. My family also made fun of the smell "What that smell. Nebraska....", In a weird voice. They even said that when we were in Iowa. This was our stop. There was a campsite in the middle of nowhere with stocks of corn surrounding it. We set up our tent and my dad made us dinner. We were very bored in this state. We went to bed with the hope that we will be on the road soon.
              Then, there it was the most beautiful sunrise I have even seen. With the perfect slight wind and the corn fields with it's shiny glow. This was one of my favorite stops. Favorite morning. Favorite moment in my life so far. I've seen the Grand Canyon and it's gourgeous view. I've seen things that you would expect to be more beautiful than a sunrise and a cornfield, but this was a sight. It's a sight that you learn that unexpected places have beauty and memory. The saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" comes to mind.
"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it"-Confucius

Monday, December 14, 2015

Jumping Off a Mountain



We were finally here. The place my father went college and made some of his best memories. From the time he ate a squirral when camping in the forest with his college friends to when having his father's favorite professor. Wyoming. Beautiful wild life that surrounds us. My dad went to a tiny christian college called _ _ _. It was about twenty minutes away from Jackson Hole where we had our once in a life time experience. We flew. I will explain later. We stayed in one of the log cabins at the college. My dad knew about everyone that worked there. He went to school with the owners sister and was really good friends with them. They were like another family to him so it was really exciting to meet them. Our plan for this trip was...
                              1. Visit the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
                              2. Go white water rapping(Which was AMAZING!)
                              3. Go see the Tetons Moutains
                              4. Visit my dad's professor
            I am only going to talk about one of the events which is visiting the Jackson Hole Resort. All of the plans were great, but this one in preticluar was my favorite. We went on the gondola lift up the mountain. It's was beautiful. Up at the end there was a waffle house, and of course we had waffles. We went out to the paddio and all a sudden a guy with a bunch of gear comes up to my father and asked him if he was interested in going paragluiding. We didn't know what that was until he told us. Then to our surprise he asked us if we wanted to do it. Just so you are aware we are 1500 feet up and we would gluide down, with a guide of course, with a parachute. We had to think a little bit because he said this would be our Christmas present because of the cost of my bother and sister and I. Dad was going to video tape it and meet us at the bottom. We decided to give it a shot. My sister was up first. She had a ton of gear and she was strapped to the guide. She was holding on for dear life. She had to help give the guide his running start. And then they flew. She was in what looked like a sing seat and her feet were dangling. We were all cheering and so excited. Then it was my turn. My guide counted off before we ran off the mountain. My heart was beating at a speed that I couldn't make slow down. 5,4,3,2,1, then we were off. I was flying, well gliuding to be percise, and it was awesome! Wind blowing at my face and adrennaline pumping through me. I was alive that day and that very moment. It was the day I flew.

    "Whenever I dream about flying, it's the best feeling in the world." -Kate Mara


Monday, October 19, 2015

Rain, Snow, and Frustration

I'm skipping a couple of vacations but this is a good one. Oregon. The my dream. The place where I was born. I don't live there anymore but I've always dreamed of it as my home. One word comes to mind when I think of Oregon. Rain. Not in a bad way. The rain in parts Oregon is mist. It is truly spectacular. Coming at your face, well mist. It's one of the reason I have a fan on me every night even in the winter. I can't live without one. After being apart with Oregon for too long we went. We went there for Christmas at my grandma's on my dad side. She was remarried. Its was years after my grandpa died. We were all happy. My grandma live in Washington. So I bet you are asking well how did you get to Oregon? Funny the way how cars work. After are awesome Christmas with our family. We went to Oregon and Mount Hood for New Years. Oregon was great. For my brother and my dad's enjoyment we went to a basketball game. It was okay but not going to go into much details. It's a basketball game not much to tell. After that we went to a place called VooDoo Donuts. If you knew me I hate donuts. I know that's strange. Just so you know from my dads point of view(who loves donuts) this donut place is the best. The have a Bacon Donut. Meat in something sweet! Craziness! I'm going to give you step by step on how to eat a donut.
               1. Put the donut on a napkin and wait for the right moment to pick it up.
               2. When that moment comes strike a pose of awesomeness and slowly pick up the donut.
               3. Slowly with intensity put the donut into your mouth in one bite.
               4. Then clean up your mouth with your lips
               5. If you were me then you would end gagging after you have finished it.
Image result for voodoo donuts logoSo that is how you eat a donut. Hope you have learned something. Anyway way we stayed there in Salem, then new years day got back on the rode to Mount Hood. My dad has snowboarded several times because Oregon was where he was originally from. Me, I have a couple times but not to the point where I got good at it. I'm from the Midwest who could blame me. I've always wanted to snowboard like it was daily activity for me. This time though was going to be different I will get on the snowboard and get back home saying I stayed on for more than 30 seconds. It turned out to be right at the end before we left but it still counts. I fell down probably about at least 18 times. The ski lift was about three feet 5 feet in the air, we were in the kitty area for snowboarding but it was fun. These kind of experiences where you fall but you gotta get back up really effect you in the future, because all people will struggle with something and instead of giving up and unbuckling the laches on the snowboard you've got to push yourself up to make this trip worth it.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"-Dr Suess                                                                       

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Dinner

     Vacation may not always end amazing. This trip certainitly did not. I wasn't there at the dinner, but there are so many stories that were told to me that I feel that I was there. So many things happening at once. They were going to get married it was a happy day that they planned out. So they thought. My grandpa died in the bathroom. He had a heart attack. He was a loving grandfather. He didn't get to see his sons get married or have children or just grow up. That was one of the worst events of my life. My dad though was heart broken. Before the event they had a fight and he never forgave himself. It changed him. Certain events happened after because of this. My reason for this story is vacation doesn't always turned out the way you think. They may be amazing but challenging. There are not many good things about this event but there is one the whole family was there. My grandpa got to see his sons and grandkids before he died, and he got to see them happy. Having fun. On vacation. What I am trying to say is vacation bring people together, they make memories that we might not be able to forget. Good or bad. In the end they make us stronger people.
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost

Monday, September 28, 2015

The First Adventure That I Remember

Disney Land. The typical child's dream. I went there when I was four years old. My brother was just born and my sister just turned two. When we arrived their was a stampeid of relative of whom I didn't know there names we all lived in separate states and my grandma who, was there, visited us at least once a year, along with aunts, uncles you name it. It was the best family gathering ever. Junk food, rides, nice hotel and people that loved you it couldn't get better than that. Along with the last memories of my Grandpa Jeff. That I will tell you later. After we made our greetings we (I think) went on some rides. California is a beautiful place I've gone there a couple of times since that trip, when I was there at the age of four I took the place for granted. Because I was only four years old we went on the kitty rides. The tea cup(Which made my mom want to hurle) the dumbo ride (Don't even get me started). When we went to Disney Land the second time there lots of new rides Tower of Terror, which we went on five times, California Screaming, AWESOMENESS. Back to boring four year old me. We went on rides had some snacks that you can't have before you go on the rides unless you really just want to get sick. Family though was the real event. Our uncle was engaged and there wedding was coming up, but before a wedding comes a rehearsal and after the reheasal comes dinner. That's when it all falls  "It's kind of fun to do the impossible"-Walt Disney